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Shanghai New Energy Trading Center

Safe and reliable

Shanghai New Energy Trading Center has traditional financial-level business, technology and supervision capabilities. It does not store any user assets by itself. It mainly implements commodity spot, contract, and bulk over-the-counter transactions, avoiding "accounting inaccuracy and inflated assets." , Directional liquidation, platform theft" and other issues that worries transaction parties.

Trust cleaning

Shanghai New Energy Trading Center unites top companies in the industry and connects with a number of top financial management companies for co-directive custody to ensure the safety and effectiveness of data sources and assets, as well as zero obstacles to global liquidity, so that science can serve wealth.

Multiple derivatives

Shanghai New Energy Trading Center contains a wealth of chip core related varieties, and most of them have participated in global investment and financial management, and are creating immeasurable wealth for investors. Rich varieties and convenient trading methods meet the investment needs of different users.

Customer first

Shanghai New Energy Trading Center has established an advance compensation mechanism, established a commodity transaction protection fund, and set up "dual insurance" for user transactions; special benefits are given to users from time to time, and various surprise benefits and prizes are waiting for you.

Provide safe and reliable digital asset trading and asset management services for tens of millions of users in more than 90 countries / regions around the world

The most advanced YOS trading software

Powerful liquidity

Top financial institution support

Convergence of industry top companies

Tens of millions of users

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