User Input and Display Output

Getting User Input

In Python, you get user input using the raw_input() function:

  • age = int(raw_input("Enter your age: "))
  • weight = float(raw_input("Enter your weight: "))
  • name = raw_input("Enter your name: "))

In Java, getting user input is more complicated. We have provided a Helper class to simplify the process of getting user input. These are some of the methods that you will commonly use.

  • int age = Helper.readInt("Enter your age: ");
  • double weight = Helper.readDouble("Enter your weight: ");
  • String name = Helper.readString("Enter your name: ");

Display Result

In python, the print() function is used to display result.

  • print("Hello World")

In Java, you will need to use the following function to display result.

  • System.out.println("Hello World");
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